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"At Herb's Complete Auto Repair, we fix your vehicle right the FIRST time."

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Are you wondering what that dashboard fault light is indicating? Don't worry, Herb's Complete Auto Repair in Auburn, WA, will find the source of the electrical problem and repair it for you. If you can't fix it anywhere else, bring it to us.


Our ASE-certified technicians will install and repair any electrical problem in your car, from malfunctioning tail lights to defective headlights. Call us today for a FREE estimate!

Top Quality Electrical Repairs and Installations

Premium auto electrical services

Get in touch with our friendly staff who will study your car's electrical problems and come out with a fool-proof plan to have it working in pristine condition. Our services include:


• Check engine light

• Tail lights

Halo rings installation

LED conversion kit installation

• Repairs and installations


You can also have a look at our exceptional engine repairs and quality preventive maintenance, including tune-ups, fuel injection services and more.


We have the answers for your car's electrical troubles.


Trust Our 12+ Years of Experience to Fix any Electrical Problem in Your Car